#BlackLivesMatter Part 2

Watching How to Train Your Dragon 2. I turn to my kids — “Hey guys, what ethnicity did all of those good guys belong to?” They look at me blankly. “Umm…. white?” “And what ethnicity did that one lone bad guy look like?” Realization starts crossing their faces. “So guys, all the kids across our […]

Is Easter still needed?

Is Easter still needed? Is it still necessary? Nearly every problem is on the horizon of being fixed. Perhaps with a little more education, another good law, or at least a good app we can fix every problem. For a people who have figured out how to move a computer once the size of an […]

Power of Three

Tuesday night we had an awesome time at Elevate.  Elevate is our quarterly volunteer night.  We had such a good attendance we ran out of food!  Chewbacca heard it was “star wars night” and even made an appearance!  It was a ton of fun because Discovery has the absolutely most incredible volunteers!  Men and women […]

The Mystery of the Ordinary

I don’t know who to credit for the phrase “mystery of the ordinary.”  I can’t believe that I’d be the first to pen these words.  But it is true that we frequently find the unusual in the most ordinary of places.  I’m also reminded of the phrase “hiding in plain sight” – NOT an original […]

back to real life…

It’s Monday, the weekend is over – back to real life… Yet, let’s not forget the moments where God has moved. Let’s wear these moments like armor into the week of real life. Today: Remember whose it is: The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it […]