Monday Morning Quarterbacks

Monday Morning Quarterbacks

You are probably familiar with the term. It is the phrase for all the “experts” that show up after the game is over to tell us how they would have done it different. Those “experts” try to chip away at the credibility of those who don’t have the luxury of instant replays, stat sheets, and magic markers to highlight the impending doom. Those actually in the game have to make tough decisions that make or break legacies. Sometimes those decisions prove brilliant. Sometimes they crash brilliantly. Although Monday Morning Quarterbacking has become a multimillion dollar industry with much fan fare — it produces nothing!!

The real work is done in real time. Real games are won and lost by those who care little for replays, in-depth analysis, or the approval of those who may have never even strapped on a pair of cleats. Real work requires courage, vision, and faith. Critiquing? Requires very little.

The same is true for our very real world today. Many will criticize, few have the courage to lead. Many will critique, few are willing to risk for great things. Many will criticize, few will step out in faith.

Let’s be those who live BOLDLY.

Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. –Acts 4:29