Power of Three


Tuesday night we had an awesome time at Elevate.  Elevate is our quarterly volunteer night.  We had such a good attendance we ran out of food!  Chewbacca heard it was “star wars night” and even made an appearance!  It was a ton of fun because Discovery has the absolutely most incredible volunteers!  Men and women serve selflessly week in and week out to serve people of all ages through the ministries of Disco.  God is doing great things.

We talked about “A NEW HOPE.”
God has hand-picked each of us and placed us here for a special mission.  The purpose of that mission is to bring the hope of Jesus to our world.  That hope will be experienced through the power of three.
power of three
Over the next few weeks I am going to spend some time writing to you about the “power of three.”  Now, this stuff isn’t new.  I didn’t invent it. I even stole some of the words from other pastors (thank you Andy Stanley!).  God created them to help us live on mission.  Sadly, in the busyness of life – mission slips.  Honestly, we can’t afford to let mission slip anymore.
Jesus promised His power would be exhibited through us.  That power is best expressed in three ways:
If you get behind at work, a deadline missed, or a task is again left unaccomplished today, just make certain you take time for the big three.
I know I have yet to fully explain them in this post.  For today: start with the first “P”.
Blessed to journey with you.