The Power of 3


“oh my gosh!”

“That’s so weird!”

“Did my wife call you?”

These are the phrases I often hear on a Sunday morning. Sometimes with a smirk or a smile. Occasionally by an honestly befuddled guest. But more often by broken people through tear-filled eyes. They often gaze for a moment or two past what is customarily comfortable into my eyes to see if I know some secret or have a special key into heaven and are always disappointed.
I have no secret key. But the church does. Every Sunday we pray. We pray for people. We pray for people to meet Jesus. We pray that God will use everyday broken vessels to somehow convey the perfect peace found only in Jesus. And God does! I stand amazed week in and out at how God uses us.
It’s no secret – we have an incredible privilege and gift. It’s called prayer. It’s the first “POWER OF 3.”  Prayer transforms the quiet into a heavenly megaphone.  Prayer transforms the shy into bold warriors. Prayer transforms the mundane into mission. Prayer creates opportunities, opens hearts and changes lives. Prayer transforms churches into movements. Prayer is powerful!
So pray with Me:
  • Pray today for Courage
  • Pray today for Opportunities
  • Pray today for neighbors to meet Jesus
  • Pray today for Discovery to Grow:
    • in our Love for Him
    • in our love for people

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24