Is Easter still needed?

Is Easter still needed? Is it still necessary?

Nearly every problem is on the horizon of being fixed. Perhaps with a little more education, another good law, or at least a good app we can fix every problem.

For a people who have figured out how to move a computer once the size of an office building into a watch, is Easter still all that significant?  Maybe most folks are not quite brazen enough to verbalize it that way. But, that spirit certainly is in the air.

There is no doubt, you and I live in and among a people who work so very hard at being good.

Some of very high moral standards in our culture like tolerance, justice for the marginalized, public honesty, financial honesty, and fairness has their roots in Christian teachings. However, this ship is now free of its moorings.

Still, if you break the current moral code, there is a high price to be paid. There isn’t even a need for courts it seems – just some good ole twitter traffic – and voila’ the internet can pass out punishment.

We will discriminate against any who discriminate!

And a culture that strives so hard to do what is right, a culture that is so passionate about tolerance becomes, well, intolerant, mean, and actually so terribly, terribly…wrong.

What if the problem of the human soul can’t be educated away? What if we need something greater than rules?  What if we need new hearts?

What if Easter is still necessary? crosses_3

1 Corinthians 15:17 (NIV)

17 And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins.

Easter is our mooring. Easter is God’s only lifeline to humanity.

I understand that event is my only hope. I don’t need another law, book, or app. I need forgiveness. I need to touch grace and have its touch change my touch.

Today, I am a modern day Thomas.  I am placing my hands in the hands of the resurrected Jesus. Easter is my mooring. Everything I am is rooted in believing that the God who brought his dead son back to life can breathe life into this weary heart.

And Easter is still so necessary because I, we, need to be loved. Not for what we do, provide, or perform.  But simply because God knows me.

Easter is absolutely still necessary.