Imperfect parents produce perfect kids

The parent wound is very real. I even think someone coined it, “The Father Wound.” This wound is the lingering void in the life of a person traced back to a broken relationship with a parent.

In our culture most fingers point back to an absent father, but the blame can also fall on mom. There are experts who can carefully explain how all my present problems lie at the feet of that less-than-perfect parent. They assert that depression, anxiety, addiction, and even the brokenness in my adult relationships all stem from my parents’ failure.

Without a doubt, their failures hurt me. They hurt deeply. My parents trained me. Long before I had the ability to discern, I was being imprinted with my parents’ views on life, anger management, self medication and the list goes on.
But, am I solely a product of my parents? Am I simply doomed or destined to live some sick 2015 “Groundhog Day” remake?

We heard last Sunday (listen here) how Genesis 3 reveals that the perfect parent produces imperfect kids.

But 2 Cor 5:17 reveals the exact opposite is also true.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!
It’s here we are confronted with the wonderful antithesis. Imperfect parents produce perfect kids.

The promise of the gospel is that there is a fresh start. Jesus talks about it in John 3. Jesus declares “You must be born again.” It is precisely at this moment that Jesus is providing a real lasting cure for the “Father Wound.” The cure is coming home to your heavenly Father through Jesus.  Jesus’ promise is: “You can start fresh.

I am not defined by the success or failure of my earthly parents. My relationships, my home, my habits, my hurt, or my joy do not rest at the feet of those who came before me. My own offspring’s future and health doesn’t lie at mine.

My only hope is a second start – a new birth through Jesus.  It is Jesus that changed me and still is changing me today.

Now the number one prayer for my children is,

“May they have a real encounter with the grace of Jesus.”
And that is their only hope!