It’s All About Me

It’s all about me.

Have you noticed?  Me seems to think that “Me is the center of the universe”.  Occasionally, Me thinks of other things, but mostly, Me just thinks about Me.  This has been a puzzlement to Me.  Me doesn’t want to be thinking just about Me all the time.  You know, “me this; me that”, but Me can’t seem to help me-self.

Thing is, there are really two Me’s.  There is the me that Me knows, but then there is the me that you know.

The Me that you know looks the part.  Successful (so Me thinks), dressing well (so Me thinks) and clearly politically correct (so Me red/blue necks think).  Me is the perfect image of “me…ism” for any me-respecting WASP.

But enough about Me.  What do YOU think of Me?

You probably have a different view of Me.  You may be able to see right through Me.  You may be able to see Me for who Me really is.  Me struggles with “me” related sins – and you can see Me struggling with them.  Me gets discouraged; Me gets depressed; Me feels insecure (but only when Me isn’t blowing Me’s own horn), Me lies, Me gossips, Me cheats, Me runs red lights when no one is looking (gasp).  And maybe like you, you know that Me falls short in many, many ways.

You want to help Me, maybe talk to Me about Me’s life, but you hesitate because just like Me, you may have some “me issues” yourself.  Strange that Me’s like Me hesitate to help me-others because me’s don’t want to let me-others know their own “me failings.”  Too bad.  Because Me needs help more than you might know, or perhaps, more than Me even knows.

Maybe though, you actually believe Me.  Maybe Me has you thinking that Me doesn’t have any issues.  Me hopes you think that, because Me certainly doesn’t want others to know that Me fails in many ways that Me shouldn’t be failing!  Me continues to work hard to hold up his façade to you hoping that the façade hides Me from who Me really is.

But, where does that leave Me?  Me seems to always be running in a circles around Me.  Me tries to do the right thing; tries to show others that “Me has it together.”  But the circles around Me get harder and harder to run.  Me gets tired of trying so hard to live in a way that Me knows he should be living – Living in a way that will please God.

Here’s what God says to Me.

Stop, Me!  Stop running in those circles! Me, you gotta stop trying to be something that Me just can’t be without ME.

Look, Me!  Look around at others, Me.  They’re like you, too.  They need you, Me, to help them carry their burdens.  Think of them, not just Me.

Listen, Me.  Listen to ME.  “Me, let it go”.  I am enough for YOU.  Give up your “me-ism” and live for ME.’ “Cast all your cares on ME; Be anxious for nothing; Seek MY kingdom first – not yours.  Don’t live to please yourself, live to please ME and others.”

Then, Me, Live!  Live for ME and others.  Make that life that I have given to Me count for something more than a life just lived for Me.

God never stops speaking to Me.  Stop, Look, Listen, and Live, Me.  I love YOU.

Are You Me?