As Pride Month Wraps Up….

I literally fielded this conversation just the other day (and others like it many times before):

“I know I need Jesus. I want to be connected to God. But I’m pretty liberal, so… well, obviously you see the problem.”

Clearly the man didn’t know me well – and he didn’t know the Bible at all. He just knew the rhetoric he’s heard get so loud. My sadness at his misperception mixed with gratitude that he was trusting me with this conversation. And so we dove in.

The same week I also encountered the fantastic article below (and it wasn’t until I finished it that I realized it was written by the husband of my college Bible study leader, for whom I have great respect. So fun!).

So… as Pride month wraps up, and in line with the spirit of my new friend’s question (and that of so many others!), I offer you this excellent reflection – and invite you to consider what kinds of winsome, friendly and very real conversations Jesus might be inviting you into…

How Do I Talk to LGBTQ Friends about the Gospel? by Matt Mikalatos