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God’s Strength in Our Weakness

I’ve seen bumper stickers, Facebook memes, and such that generally say, “God won’t give you more than you can handle.” Though it sounds nice it’s not true. That is bumper sticker theology. I don’t recall anywhere in the Bible that says anything at all like that.

I have even seen one that said: “Since God doesn’t give me more than I can handle, then he must think I am a badass to give me what I am going through.” That’s even less true than the first statement.

God has other purposes than to show the world what a badass you are.  He has a kingdom and a will and it will come and it will be done.

The story of Job is one of a man getting more than he can handle.

Learning God’s Will

There was a point in my life where I wanted to know without a doubt God’s will for my life. But I didn’t know how to go about discovering it. I felt my options were to passively wait for God to do his will, or take ownership of everything and forge my own path. In […]

A Story of Perseverance

This isn’t a success story, but a story of perseverance.

Several weeks ago, Pastor Jon challenged the people of Discovery to read through the entire New Testament in 90 days.  I took on that challenge and can gladly say it has changed my approach to being a disciple of Jesus.

In summary, two days into the challenge I missed the reading. So, I read it the next day without trying to catch up.  Then there were several days where I forgot, but remembered when I went to bed and only read one chapter of the 4 that were on the reading plan. Furthermore, there were the several day where I did not follow the reading plan at all, but simply read the He Reads Truth devotional.

Full disclosure, I just started the Gospel of Luke and I think the reading plan would have me in Acts. I don’t exactly know where the challenge should be, nor do I care, because every day I have spent time in God’s word.  And what that has done is made me thirsty for more. 

Celebrating the Incarnation in a Broken World

Christmas is coming!  My family and I are excited! It is time to celebrate! Christmas is the celebration of God coming to earth in the flesh, as a gift to humanity.  It is a celebration of the incarnation of God as man in the person of Jesus.  This is a very good reason to celebrate. […]

The Best Case of Holiday Creep

Holiday creep is upon us! Still more than two months away, Christmas paraphernalia is cropping up in various retail outlets. Stores are putting up Christmas things with Halloween stuff. Thanksgiving is lost somewhere between a Ghoul and the Nutcracker. Seriously being thankful has becomeculturally miniscule compared to the consumerism hype of Christmas. Why be thankful […]

Buying an Elephant: Money and Disordered Love

My Grandpa used to say, “I wish I had enough money to buy an elephant. Not that I would buy an elephant, it would just be nice to have that kind of money.” My Grandpa was an engineer for Boeing, but he still couldn’t afford an elephant. I think that his statement captures something about […]



One of my favorite songs of all time is the hymn known as “In Christ Alone.” The very first line is “In Christ alone my hope is found” – a bold saying given how much I hope for all kinds of things.  I hope for healthy kids, I hope for a long life, I hope I get hired, I hope for healthy relationships, I hope I get to my appointment on time, etc.

But what does it mean to say that my hope is in Christ alone?  Is it wrong to hope for a certain outcome in any given circumstance?  Not really, but the question is what is the root of your hope? What is the root of my hope?  If it is something other than Jesus and his resurrection, then there will be trouble.

The type of hope that I want to talk about is the hope that accompanies unforgiveness. Someone has wronged me and so…  I hope they feel bad for that.  I hope he pays for what he did.  I hope they understand my pain.  I hope they say sorry. 

Memento Mori

memento mori

There is an old saying that still floats around the cultural discourse; it often pops up in strange places like tattoos and English literature classes: Memento Mori.  It means, remember you are mortal.

The idea behind this motto is to help focus on what is important by remembering you will die someday. It asks “In light of your impending death, is this your best use of time?”  It can be a powerful tool in prioritizing our lives.

Now that I have drawn your attention to it, how long do you plan on living? Or how long do you want to live?

Did you answer the question? If not, then do it.