Quest for Generosity

How do we become generous people?

Some people make it look so easy, like they do not even have to try. It is like they have generosity hardwired into the forefront of their mind.  For others, it does not come naturally and they need to work at it in order for generosity become more natural.

I am definitely in the latter camp.

Whether or not we are in the first group or the second group, like all things, generosity is a choice.  However, as striving followers of Christ, when we look and see what God has to say about generosity, generosity becomes a pretty easy choice.

I would be so good at being rich


I would be so good at being rich.  Truly, I would, if I were just given the chance.  And I don’t mean billionaire rich, that’s ridiculous.  Just a few million more than what I need to live on, reasonably comfortably of course, and the rest I would freely give away wherever there was need.  No, really… I would!

I’m still waiting on this opportunity to prove myself.  Looking forward to changing some lives with my wealth, and showing others what true generosity really looks like.  I will be so good at this, I promise.  Please, just give me a chance.  Just make it so I don’t have to be the one who needs anymore.  I’ve got that down.  I can move on to other challenges.  Like money.  That’s a challenge I’m certain I can handle. 

Tax Tme

It’s almost tax time … April 15 taxtime

It’s not uncommon to hear that around this time.

Then Jesus said to them, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” And they were amazed at him. -Mark 12:17

I don’t think Jesus’ ultimate goal was to help out the government. It was to help you and me. We spend much time lamenting and agonizing over our financial obligations. This has become the seat of much unrest in the human soul. Not just Uncle Sam’s cut, but the household budget, the broken car, the medical bills — they all pile up and create walls between us and the people closest to us. The bills birth battles. The quick answer seems to be: MORE. If we only had a little more, that would solve everything.

#GivingTuesday and … Vodka?

#GivingTuesday and … Vodka? Today is #GivingTuesday. I’m “ALL IN” with #GivingTuesday! I love the idea. I believe everyday radicals look for opportunities to give. There’s certainly not a lack of giving options. Yet generosity, radical generosity, requires one thing that few talk about – WISDOM. Before 8 am rolled around I had my first […]

Happy December!

Happy December! It’s too cold – too gray – and still the most wonderful time of the year. For the next several weeks – as we approach the celebration of Jesus’ birth, you will receive a daily thought from me.  It will be titled, “All IN.”  “All In” is our 2015 rally cry. For Christ’s […]