Christmas Break

This is our official worship at home Sunday.

We will not be hosting services. We value our volunteers deeply and this is our small way to say thank you. Take advantage of this break to rest and celebrate with family and friends. 

Here are some ideas for family or personal worship:

Bible Discussion:

Ask and discuss 3 questions, staying specifically with the passage (these questions are brilliant because they’re accessible at so many ages… and can pull out so many meanings)
Ask everyone to share just one thing on each question:
  • What does it say? (tell us what just happened in that story…)
  • What do I learn? (about God, about Jesus, about people, about good/evil etc)
  • What will I do?


Each person tells God one thing they appreciate about Him, one thing they are thankful for, and one thing they are asking him to do.
Pray for Discovery. Pray that God will grow His church and save many this year.


Regular tithes & offerings, year-end gifts, and donations to Missions can all be given online at

Our normal service schedule (9:15 & 11 AM) continues Sunday, January 5 as we kick off our brand new teaching series Elevate. We’ll be looking at the freedom & fun of the generous life. This series is a perfect way to start the New Year!