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Discovery Groups are about creating Multiplying, inviting communities where people can press in to knowing Jesus and following him into his mission.

Links to Additional Resources Provided Below

“Growing Close” Video Teaching & Discussion Series: February & March 2020

This series of 5 Video Teachings by Pastor Jon – explored over 8 weeks – provides powerful tools for understanding, experiencing & communicating to others the transformation that the Holy Spirit works in us as he grows us close to himself. These are some of our best discipleship tools. Enjoy!

Week of Feb 2: Guided Self-Reflection and Group Discussion Guide

We will revisit this same Self-Reflection at the end of our Group Year in May/June, giving our Group Members the opportunity to recognize areas of growth and/or ongoing challenge. 

“Elevate” Series Discussions: January 2020
January’s “Elevate” Group Guides will provide discussions complementary to Jon’s Sunday sermons, focused on living the Elevated life. The companion book “How to be Rich: It’s Not What You Have, It’s What You Do with What You Have” by Andy Stanley is available at the Next Steps Table for all Group Leaders. Group Members will be able to fully participate in the discussions without reading the book, however, their experience will be enhanced by the book. Books are available for purchase at the Next Steps Table or by ordering online.
Starting Point Discussions 

All Discovery Groups:

  • Create space to build Friendships
    • (and at least once per Quarter plan a week that is only FUN!)
  • Engage God’s Word and pray every time we meet
    • (and encourage steps for engaging God’s Word & praying throughout the week)
  • Extend Invitations
    • (knowing there are so many in need of community, we don’t “close” our Groups except in very specific circumstances)
  • Identify a specific Mission Focus in our community
    • (whom we will serve at least once per Quarter and for whom we will pray regularly)
  • Share Ownership
    • (we believe sharing even the small “tasks” of Group Life creates ownership – so we LOOK for ways to share tasks)
  • Raise Up New Leaders!
    • (we know the only way to continue to expand the reach God is giving us into our city is for new, even unlikely leaders to have places to learn, practice and then be sent out!)

Key Contacts: [email protected]; [email protected]

Links to Resources:

Building (or Refreshing) a Group Covenant (Sample Covenants Included)

Childcare Reimbursement Form (for both Groups & Multipliers’ Gatherings)

Starting Point Leaders’ Resources

Starting Point Participants’ Resources

All In Commitment

Coming Soon:

  • Links & Ideas for Mission Focus Partners