Group Corner

Fall Launch! Week of September 29

Discovery Groups are about creating Multiplying, inviting communities where people can press in to knowing Jesus and following him into his mission.

Links to Additional Resources Provided Below

  • Week of 9/29 (Wk 1): Connecting & discussing the Group vision for the Fall (& beyond)
  • Week of 10/6 (Wk 2): Building a Group Covenant (Even if you’re an existing Group! Even if you aren’t a Starting Point Group! This discussion will be so so helpful to you for proactively building healthy community and heading off potential challenges)
  • Weeks of 10/13-12/1 (Wk 3+): Starting Point Discussions (some of you may need to condense this – your Coach will be helpful to you in planning this)
  • Weeks of 12/8-12/15: Serving and Partying! (which can, of course, alternatively be inserted elsewhere into your Fall Schedule)

All Discovery Groups:

  • Create space to build Friendships
    • (and at least once per Quarter plan a week that is only FUN!)
  • Engage God’s Word and pray every time we meet
    • (and encourage steps for engaging God’s Word & praying throughout the week)
  • Extend Invitations
    • (knowing there are so many in need of community, we don’t “close” our Groups except in very specific circumstances)
  • Identify a specific Mission Focus in our community
    • (whom we will serve at least once per Quarter and for whom we will pray regularly)
  • Share Ownership
    • (we believe sharing even the small “tasks” of Group Life creates ownership – so we LOOK for ways to share tasks)
  • Raise Up New Leaders!
    • (we know the only way to continue to expand the reach God is giving us into our city is for new, even unlikely leaders to have places to learn, practice and then be sent out!)

Coming Soon:

  • Links for Discovery’s Starting Point Discussion Guides
  • Links & Ideas for Mission Focus Partners

Key Contacts: [email protected]; [email protected]

Links to Resources:

Childcare Reimbursement Form (for both Groups & Multipliers’ Gatherings)

Starting Point Leaders’ Resources

Starting Point Participants’ Resources

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