Jesus said He came that we might have life and have it…”abundantly.” He wasn’t talking about a life packed full of more problems.  Rather, a life packed full of more life. If it sounds too wonderful, too pie in the sky, then you may have been living far too long on empty.  This fall we are going to explore together on Sunday’s and in Groups how to get back to the life Jesus designed us for. For most of us, it will bring a long overdue realignment of life to Jesus’ “abundant” design. Don’t miss it. I know you are busy – but this one’s worth it!



Why can’t she be happy? Doesn’t she know how hard I work? Doesn’t she know all the stuff I put up with? Once again, no matter how hard I try, she’s disappointed. Well, what about my needs? What about what I want? I spend all day on what everybody else wants. I don’t have enough time in the day to even think – let alone have a little time to myself. If trying gets us here, maybe I should stop trying.

How do some people do it?  Is there a better way for me, for us?

She looked drained. Not a good, just finished hot yoga, drained. But a bone-dry drained. Once again she forgot snack day. It may seem small, but not to her, and certainly not to her 7 year old, and probably not to the teacher, once again picking up her dropped ball. It’s simply the cherry on top of a horrible week…make that a year of too many expectations, too many problems, not enough time in the day, not enough help, capped with lots and lots of failure. It’s hard to remember smiles.  It’s hard to remember if we ever had it together. How do some people do it? An even better question – how can I?

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Is there a better way? A simpler way?

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