Jon Fredricks

Every day I have an incredible privilege of growing closer and loving deeper.  Whether in the woods with my dog, on a bleacher for my kids, in my city with a friend, or a walk with my wife – I am in awe that God would invite me into His mission for people.  May He […]

Mandi Mills

Mandi has served in several capacities at Discovery over the past twelve years and is passionate about people. Mandi is wife to her best friend Troy and mother to two incredible children, Kyle (15) and Kailyn (13). She enjoys entertaining family and friends with her latest cooking techniques and often throws dinner parties well outside […]

Barb Bristow

Barb  feels this is the perfect job for her as her passion is meeting people and helping them connect to others in our church family. She and her family have been a part of Discovery since it launched in 2001, and has been blessed and encouraged at the growth of Discovery, from that small group that met […]

Nicole Zinn

Nicole and her husband, Brian, have been a part of Discovery since that memorable Easter Sunday Launch service back in 2001. Since then Discovery has been home and extended family to them and has walked with them through the addition of four wonderful children – Tillman, Celeste, Andrew & Caleb. Add in their steady stream […]

Kelly Swaleson

Kelly’s passion for serving children began when watching over her sister with developmental disabilities. It led her to a life of serving God by serving children. From working as a para-educator to serving kids as a missionary in India, Kelly’s passion goes hand in hand with her faith. After all, Jesus told of how important […]