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Learning God’s Will

There was a point in my life where I wanted to know without a doubt God’s will for my life. But I didn’t know how to go about discovering it. I felt my options were to passively wait for God to do his will, or take ownership of everything and forge my own path. In […]

A Story of Perseverance

This isn’t a success story, but a story of perseverance.

Several weeks ago, Pastor Jon challenged the people of Discovery to read through the entire New Testament in 90 days.  I took on that challenge and can gladly say it has changed my approach to being a disciple of Jesus.

In summary, two days into the challenge I missed the reading. So, I read it the next day without trying to catch up.  Then there were several days where I forgot, but remembered when I went to bed and only read one chapter of the 4 that were on the reading plan. Furthermore, there were the several day where I did not follow the reading plan at all, but simply read the He Reads Truth devotional.

Full disclosure, I just started the Gospel of Luke and I think the reading plan would have me in Acts. I don’t exactly know where the challenge should be, nor do I care, because every day I have spent time in God’s word.  And what that has done is made me thirsty for more. 

Mission: What, Where and How, Part 3

go_by_sethtothebrown-d4hsqyzLet’s start with a brief recap of the previous two posts.

Our mission as followers of Christ is simply to be disciples who make disciples all for the glory of God. And we do this wherever God has placed us, whether its work, school, our neighborhood, etc. That’s it in a nutshell.

Seems too simple right? But once we have the confusion over mission and context cleared up then what? How do we actually go about making disciples once we’ve taken a fresh look at our context? How do we live it out?

The One Thing It Takes

I sat with my grieving, ever-so-long-time friend. Her son, for whom I had watched her struggle and agonize over the years, had just been diagnosed with Autism. She knew my life, my family. At the moment, she specifically knew of my son, my precious Tillman, with cerebral palsy, autism, borderline mental impairment. She knew also of the source of my strength, my gracious Lord Jesus – a Lord she did not yet share. She looked up at me with eyes full of pain and said those words that haunt the heart of every mother – “I just hope that I have what it takes.” And I sat quiet, loving her intensely – “Oh, my friend.” Deep breath. “You don’t. You don’t have what it takes. And I don’t have what it takes. Let me tell you Who does.”

Permit me to introduce my family. Our oldest child is also the newest to our family – 17-year-old Amber, who joined us five years ago in her oZinn Familywn season of grief. Fourteen-year-old Tillman is next, whom you have already met – followed 40 minutes later by his twin sister Celeste. And rounding out our family in all kinds of crazy ways are 12-year-old twins, Andrew and Caleb. Yes, you read that right. Five kids. Two sets of twins. I’ve been known to say that Brian and I got as far as deciding we were ready to have ONE child – and that is as much of the planning for which God has ever had us participate. Let me tell you – I do not have what it takes.

The Walk

It was truly beautiful, a wonderful forest in the midst of the city.  But as I walked my uneasiness grew. I had no idea where I was and I had not told anyone where I was going…


A number of years ago, I moved to the Portland area and immediately set out to learn my way around my new home. Sunday afternoons were devoted to taking my map and finding someplace new to explore. One week, I heard that the arboretum was sponsoring a “fall colors” walk in Forest Park so that became my destination that Sunday afternoon.

I found the park and I found the clearly marked starting point. I began walking, enjoying the cool fall day and the beauty of God’s creation. There were many side trails but I followed the signs that the arboretum had put in place.

Mission Week 3 – FAT

When I mention “dodge-ball” what images come to mind?  I think most of us think of that terror, not of red rubber gym balls zinging by our heads, but rather the greatest terror a third grader could face: the picking of the teams!  At least for me, it seemed easier to just head to the nurse’s office before the game started than to face the agony of being picked dead last….

When God does something in a family, a company, a school, or a generation He always does it through a person.  This is His strategy – always has been and always will until the end of time.  When God brings change, He simply looks for a person.

But what kind of person?  What characteristics is He looking for?