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Yep. Done it.

Here’s the ugly truth: Every time I hear of someone’s disappointment with “the church,” I find myself thinking…  “Ugh, that’s me.” Talked behind someone’s back? I’ve done it. Betrayed someone’s trust? I’ve done it. Helped someone out and made them feel like a “project?” I’ve done it. Acted fake? Lied? Shown favoritism? Been self-righteous? Definitely. […]

We Have Been Made Welcome

There’s this salad I used to love to make for gatherings. It’s rad. I know because everyone told me so. People would email me for the recipe and I’d have to email them back like, “Look, I made it up out of my very own brain and so all my amounts are approximations, therefore I […]

Making Easter Personal: Leverage Easter for Big Stuff in my Small Circles

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Okay, Easter hasn’t always been a big deal to me.

Honestly – as a kid I didn’t really look forward to it at all. Yes, there was always candy, baskets, and ham. But there was also new haircuts, hair goo, a tie, and even one year – my dad’s oversized dress shoes! Easter always seemed to require me to stop being me. All that trying to smile for awkward pictures in shoes that just didn’t fit – I hated it!

I am very convinced I am not alone. I am certain that there are not just a few of our close friends that feel uncomfortable about Easter. Certainly, they feel the tug of God in the deep recess of the heart – but church? Attending a church again with all the guilt, the sitting still, the pretending to have it all put together… and then enduring another awkward invite…

Let’s do it differently.

The Last Thing I Wanted To Do

It was a cold, rainy morning and when I woke up, going to church was the last thing I wanted to do.

It’s going to be so crowded . . . the message will be watered down . . . you’re just going to have to watch a bunch of baptisms of people you don’t even know. I mean . . . baptisms on Easter? How cliché can you get?

It was Easter Sunday, 2009, in Seattle. I had only been attending the church for a month, and I had already decided the Easter baptism service was going to be over-produced and emotionally manipulative. All I wanted to do was drink my coffee in my robe and watch a Friends marathon.

Yet I felt a prompting, and my feet led me up the hill to the church.

Is Easter still needed?

Is Easter still needed? Is it still necessary? Nearly every problem is on the horizon of being fixed. Perhaps with a little more education, another good law, or at least a good app we can fix every problem. For a people who have figured out how to move a computer once the size of an […]

A love worth any cost

Recently my wife Ashley and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. After 9 years of marriage, I can’t help but reflect on when it started and how much it cost. It was 10 years ago and I was head over heels in love. This girl was THE ONE. I knew that I wanted her to […]