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Prone to Wander: A Comparison Driven Life

If I’m being completely honest with myself, much of my misery comes from wanting to live out someone else’s story.

Yes, I am a single woman, living on my own, with a job I enjoy. I have a terrific sister who allows me the latitude to play a large role in my nephew’s lives. I like that I can play the piano and worship God through music.

But comparison seeps in and the lovely aspects of my life lose their luster. What gives me life and light grows dim in the looming shadow that is Comparison.

It’s more than comparing my life to someone else’s. The comparison that gets to me are the “what could have been” and “what should have been” narratives.

I should have been more loving.I could have been a lovely wife.
I could have been a great parent.
I should not have to carry this burden alone.
I could have been more if I had more money, time, space, etc.

Sometimes I want to be all of these things, have all of my wishes, live my best life. And in the depths of my desperate thinking, I protest God because I don’t like the story he’s writing for me.

And I audaciously ask for different one.

Failing Retirement

“So you failed retirement?” The question was asked in jest and I laughed, but it made me think. I retired several years ago from a career that I felt God had designed for me. He had given me the skills and abilities that I used every day, developing and writing help systems, business practices, and […]

Mission: What, Where and How, Part 3

go_by_sethtothebrown-d4hsqyzLet’s start with a brief recap of the previous two posts.

Our mission as followers of Christ is simply to be disciples who make disciples all for the glory of God. And we do this wherever God has placed us, whether its work, school, our neighborhood, etc. That’s it in a nutshell.

Seems too simple right? But once we have the confusion over mission and context cleared up then what? How do we actually go about making disciples once we’ve taken a fresh look at our context? How do we live it out?

Mission: What, Where and How, Part 1

May years ago, I stepped away from working in college ministry.  In some ways it was devastating for me.  My sense of purpose, my mission, had become so tied up in that ministry.  In the 15+ years since, I’ve faced similar challenges multiple times over.  And each time that big question of purpose raises its […]

The Run: WHY

My first steps out my house on my first run at 41 were exhilarating.  As much as I hate running, I essentially began to skip.  I stopped myself as I didn’t want a neighbor to see me and call 911.  But, just getting out of the house brought immense freedom.  I felt victorious.  I had […]