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The Narrator

I don’t mean to brag, but I am the most famous of any author’s characters that you’ll never hear about.

Sometimes it annoys me that no one knows who I really am.  I mean, who can forget some of these lines that I’ve penned?  Incredibly famous lines like “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”  Or, how about this one?  “It was a dark and stormy night…”  One of my personal favorites was the set up line for Rhett Butler.  “For a moment he hesitated, as if debating whether a kind lie were kinder in the long run than the truth.”  Moments later, the famous line…” My dear, I don’t give a damn.”

It’s All About Me

It’s all about me. Have you noticed?  Me seems to think that “Me is the center of the universe”.  Occasionally, Me thinks of other things, but mostly, Me just thinks about Me.  This has been a puzzlement to Me.  Me doesn’t want to be thinking just about Me all the time.  You know, “me this; […]

Peter and Me

stormMatthew 14

The wind was howling. Rain pelted their faces like cast iron BB’s. His soaked cloths clung to his body, wrapping him in cold chill. He looked around the small 20 foot boat and all he could see was terror.  Ankle deep water sloshed around his ankles. The other men in the boat reflected the same terror that filled him.  Hours ago, in the middle of this, the worst night of his life, he had reconciled himself to his pending death.  Just hours ago all of them had witnessed their friend Jesus making food from nothing to feed thousands.  And now, this.  He shook it off and pulled the oar again.

The Sea of Galilee was a terrible mistress.  One flip of the shekel gave them sustenance and employment.  The other side, the dark side, brought the terror that filed him now.  It was the worst storm that he could recall in this 20 plus years as a fisherman on these waters.  It was unrelenting and sure to be his last.

His arms ached as he pulled his oar with the others.  The distant shore could have been miles or yards, he wasn’t sure.  He couldn’t see a thing.  He peered intently into the inky blackness looking for hope in the wretched storm.  A rock, a jetty, anything…

Are you a militant Christian?

I confess to being a coward. Just recently I was in a cab in New York very late at night.  The driver was an Egyptian who had been in the United States for only six months.  As we visited, he told me he was a Christian, driving cab to support his family back in Egypt.  […]

The Mystery of the Ordinary

I don’t know who to credit for the phrase “mystery of the ordinary.”  I can’t believe that I’d be the first to pen these words.  But it is true that we frequently find the unusual in the most ordinary of places.  I’m also reminded of the phrase “hiding in plain sight” – NOT an original […]