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What am I thankful for?

iStock_000010355993_MediumWhat is Thanksgiving like at your house? In many homes, as in so many others, is it a custom for each person at the table to share what he or she is thankful for?

Often the things mentioned are family, a good job, living in a free country, or material blessings (home, car, enough to eat). Often we take those things for granted, so it is good to stop and give thanks for them.

But is that all that I am thankful for?  What if those things are missing from my life?  Would I still be thankful?  What do I do if I don’t “feel” thankful?


What are you thankful for?

When I am asked, my first response all too often involves material things… my home, sufficient food, warm clothes, a car to drive.  Or it may be things that I enjoy… beautiful flowers, warm sunshine, the crisp days of fall, the bright colors of the leaves. The privilege of living in a free country is pretty high on my list. Then there is always good health and, of course, my children, grandchildren, and friends.

I should be thankful for those things. Each one is a blessing that God has given to me to enjoy. But what if I didn’t have all these things I am thankful for? Would I still be thankful?

What if my health fails? What if (like many Christians around the world) I had to leave my home and live in a tent in the desert. What if there wasn’t enough food? What if, like Job, I lost everything? These are the questions that make me stop and think…

What am I really thankful for?

When I grow up…

I was 11 when I first met her.

Never before had I met anyone so misshapen. Nima had severe arthritis. Every joint in her body was swollen and knobby, her hands were gnarled and twisted, she walked with a slow uneven gait. In my 11-year old eyes it seemed she must be very old, although in reality she was probably only in her mid 40s. I didn’t know it then, but years later I would look back and say –

“When I grow up I want to be like Nima.”