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Even the Gentiles

I remember the first time I saw a confederate flag in Tacoma, fixed to the back of a pickup truck and driving down 6th Ave without a care in the world.

I gasped of shock. It was during the 2016 presidential election and this memory crystalizes the division for me. The Other. The Right Christian and the Wrong Christian. Unfriending online and in reality. Everyone says, “We’ve never been so divided.” Perhaps we have never been this divided as a country (although the Civil War might beg to differ), but as a group of faithful following the teachings of Christ, we have certainly been this divided.

So then, even to the Gentiles God has granted repentance that leads to life. ~ Acts 11:18

Peter is speaking to Jewish people here, assuring them that Gentiles (anyone who was not a Jew) could experience the gift of the Holy Spirit as well and should be treated with the same respect as fellow Jews. But it’s not really this verse talking about inclusion of people who were from different ethnicities and backgrounds that tells me there was division, it’s the word even.

Even the Gentiles. . .

That little phrase says so much to us about the conflicts of the time.  It invokes a little shock, the idea that the original listener was going to be the tiniest bit horrified and would need some reassurance. Yes,

Even the Gentiles.

The Cost of Silence in the Face of Love

A friend of mine was at a gas station when a young man came inside, loud and agitated. The cashier instantly told the man to settle down or get out, but when confronted, the young man (who happened to be Black) said that he was upset because when he was outside a tow truck driver started calling him racial slurs. The cashier apologized while my friend went out to stick up for the guy, including taking the tow truck driver’s picture so she could report him. The tow truck driver started arguing with HER, swearing and calling her racial slurs!

My friend didn’t back down. She called the tow truck company.hen they heard what had happened, they were pretty upset. Hopefully, the racist tow truck driver has long since been fired.

When my friend told me this story, naturally my first thought was: “she is awesome!” But my second thought was:

“Wait, was this in Tacoma?”

Oh yes, it was. And not 1956, Tacoma, last month Tacoma.

Maybe some of you reading this are not surprised.
Maybe some of you reading this are a little surprised, but not too concerned because you know you are not racist.

What am I thankful for?

iStock_000010355993_MediumWhat is Thanksgiving like at your house? In many homes, as in so many others, is it a custom for each person at the table to share what he or she is thankful for?

Often the things mentioned are family, a good job, living in a free country, or material blessings (home, car, enough to eat). Often we take those things for granted, so it is good to stop and give thanks for them.

But is that all that I am thankful for?  What if those things are missing from my life?  Would I still be thankful?  What do I do if I don’t “feel” thankful?

A Tribute to Church: Why I Love My DiscoGroup


It’s Sunday afternoon, church service is over, both of them, heading out to the parking lot, kids in tow, ominous heavy clouds in the sky ready to spill their contents, Monday on the mind, work and school, and only a few hours left to prepare for the upcoming week…so what comes next?  Obviously, it’s time to help someone move.

A few weeks ago, I was that someone. 

Would I Have Lost My Boys Without You?

This week marks an anniversary — An anniversary of a story that must be told and retold and retold. And so I tell it, abbreviated, to you.


The technician looked at me, lying on that table, and panned “There are two in there!” The same technician who had seen me through my pregnancy with now-13-month-old twins, Tillman and Celeste – and now a new, unexpected pregnancy brought us back into the familiar room.

I rolled my eyes. “Very funny.”

Are you a militant Christian?

I confess to being a coward. Just recently I was in a cab in New York very late at night.  The driver was an Egyptian who had been in the United States for only six months.  As we visited, he told me he was a Christian, driving cab to support his family back in Egypt.  […]


This woman was unbearable… Years ago in seminary, I took a class on “Personal Development”. The whole class focused on getting to know how God has shaped and formed you, both your personality and spiritual gifts. It was an easy class with only a handful of students. Most were the typical easygoing types but there […]