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On-The-Job Training for Kingdom Workers

Beginning training for a new job, I find, is one of those odd experiences in life that seems initially to have the opposite effect of what’s intended.  You start out on your first day thinking, “I’ve got this.”  After all, they hired you. They know you’re smart.  They know you can do it, and you know you can too.  But then the training starts, and gradually that confidence is edged out as layer after layer of tasks and responsibilities pile up in front of you. Suddenly you realize, you’re in over your head.

It’s like how old folks always say, eyes sparkling with wisdom and nostalgia, “The more you learn, the less you know.”  Only they’re talking about how experience teaches us there’s so much more to learn and understand in life than we’re able to comprehend when we’re young.  (They also like to say things like “I used to know everything too, and then I grew up.” If you roll your eyes, it only proves the point.  Remain still and nod. In 40 years or so it’ll be your turn.)

Being trained for a new job is a far more concentrated version of this life lesson.