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The God of Fresh Starts

January is here and I’ve made some resolutions. I know that may sound cliche. I know there are many people that purposely avoid making New Year’s resolutions. So have I in the past. It can so easily feel like we are just setting ourselves up for failure. By February, or even mid-January, we’ve already dropped […]

Free to Fail

Anyone else use their computer monitor as a landing place for notes and reminders and such? Maybe I’m one of seven people that has a desktop monitor anymore because it’s 2017 and y’all are toting paper-thin laptops around with no room for ephemera, but my screen is littered with little post-its and scraps. One is […]

Be a Barb

How creepy is it to walk into a new church for the first time? Can we all agree that gets weird fast? So many “what if’s,” and “am I dressed right,” and planning ways to pretend your kid’s not yours if they lose their mind while you’re there. Is that just me? But what if […]