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A Story of Perseverance

This isn’t a success story, but a story of perseverance. Several weeks ago, Pastor Jon challenged the people of Discovery to read through the entire New Testament in 90 days.  I took on that challenge and can gladly say it has changed my approach to being a disciple of Jesus. In summary, two days into […]

Producing a Result

Two dramatically different birth experiences.  The first one; after more than 24 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing, it was clear to everyone that my son was literally stuck and going nowhere.  Although the final result, following an emergency C Section, was a perfect little boy, I was also left with some emotional […]

Discovery Volunteer Spotlight: Hospitality

Fresh brewed coffee! For some among us it is a necessary start to the day. For others, it is a pleasant smell as we enter a room. So as people come into Discovery on Sunday mornings, many are pleased to find coffee and pastries to greet them. But that table at the back of the […]

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