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The Word Equation

I find comfort in absolutes. They help me understand my world, and if I’m honest, it’s how I try to control it. That’s why I was always drawn to math and science growing up. There are formulas that give you the “always” relationship between items. That way you can predict the outcome when one of […]


One of my favorite songs of all time is the hymn known as “In Christ Alone.” The very first line is “In Christ alone my hope is found” – a bold saying given how much I hope for all kinds of things.  I hope for healthy kids, I hope for a long life, I hope […]

What Makes You Stand In Awe?

What amazes you? When was the last time you let feelings of wonder wash over and overwhelm you? What does it even mean to be awed? The day to day tedium of life can suck the inspiration out of us. We forget to stop and look around. To breathe deeply and remember the miracle of […]