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A Message from the Mountain

Rounding the turn on Highway 16 on my way to work each morning, past Cheney Stadium, then a quarter mile more and, on a clear day, I’m struck by the towering presence of Mount Rainier.  Her prominent position immediately demands attention, lifting my eyes upward to glorious heights. Sometimes the Mountain is shrouded in misty, […]

It’s All About Me

It’s all about me. Have you noticed?  Me seems to think that “Me is the center of the universe”.  Occasionally, Me thinks of other things, but mostly, Me just thinks about Me.  This has been a puzzlement to Me.  Me doesn’t want to be thinking just about Me all the time.  You know, “me this; […]

#BlackLivesMatter Part 2

Watching How to Train Your Dragon 2. I turn to my kids — “Hey guys, what ethnicity did all of those good guys belong to?” They look at me blankly. “Umm…. white?” “And what ethnicity did that one lone bad guy look like?” Realization starts crossing their faces. “So guys, all the kids across our […]

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