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The Narrator

I don’t mean to brag, but I am the most famous of any author’s characters that you’ll never hear about. Sometimes it annoys me that no one knows who I really am.  I mean, who can forget some of these lines that I’ve penned?  Incredibly famous lines like “It was the best of times; it […]

My 2am Friend, or the Day I Thought I’d Lost My Son

One minute we were lounging on the picnic blanket in our backyard. Jacob was happily chewing on a toy and I was happily snapping pics of him as he rolled back and forth, wiggling his toes in the air. The next minute, I noticed he had a piece of grass sticking out of his mouth, […]

When I grow up…

I was 11 when I first met her. Never before had I met anyone so misshapen. Nima had severe arthritis. Every joint in her body was swollen and knobby, her hands were gnarled and twisted, she walked with a slow uneven gait. In my 11-year old eyes it seemed she must be very old, although […]

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