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Peace I Give You

PEACE. As a foster-adoptive mom, I have lived through a lot of unknowns and dealt with a lot of trauma, including the possibility of losing our young sons two years after they joined our family. Thankfully our story had a happy ending and we were able to adopt them soon after. But it was a […]

What am I thankful for?

What is Thanksgiving like at your house? In many homes, as in so many others, is it a custom for each person at the table to share what he or she is thankful for? Often the things mentioned are family, a good job, living in a free country, or material blessings (home, car, enough to […]

The Waves and Wind

I went through a hard time recently. A storm. I’m still in the midst of walking out the other side. The waves have calmed. The hurricane is over, but the rebuilding is not. God and I are not through rumbling with it all, but there is a truth that God has been reaffirming to me […]