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Pit vs. Presence

Have you ever been bad at something? Like, truly, unequivocally terrible? I cannot skate. Not roller skate. Not ice skate. Not roller blade or skateboard. Heck, I can barely ride a bike. Maybe it has something to do with growing really tall really fast as a kid. My center of gravity never quite figured out […]

Sermon on the Mount: A Summertime Plan for Families

One of my favorite things about summer is the change of pace that my kids experience. As homework pressures disappear, and the intense schedule of school and extracurricular activities shifts into summer mode, a different side of my children emerges. They get funnier, they talk more, they revive that long-lost interest they had in robotics… […]

The Beauty of Sea Glass

Every summer our family spends a few days at my parent’s beach house on the Hood Canal. One of our favorite past-times on the Canal is beach combing. We usually each pick a different treasure to hunt—bleached white oyster shells, wishing rocks, or sea glass. I love sea glass, with its iridescent hues of blues and greens. The best pieces have smooth, rounded edges and […]

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