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Buying an Elephant: Money and Disordered Love

My Grandpa used to say, “I wish I had enough money to buy an elephant. Not that I would buy an elephant, it would just be nice to have that kind of money.” My Grandpa was an engineer for Boeing, but he still couldn’t afford an elephant. I think that his statement captures something about […]

Discovery Volunteer Spotlight: Kids Kingdom

I want to be Superman! How many little boys have aspired to that goal through the years? When Ken Smith was five that was his desire and he tried a lot of things to prove his strength, including trying to lift his mom’s car. Ken’s wife Diane had other goals. She wanted to be a […]

Still Waters

We live in busy times. While I have no doubt that the same could be said throughout history, we do live in an age filled with an overabundance of information and distractions. And yet, in the midst of all of this we are called to find rest and peace in Christ. Some days it seems […]