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Spring Rains

Springtime in the northwest keeps us on our toes. Almost every day this spring, we have seen rain in some form. Looking at the weather forecast, it may just look like rain clouds for days on end. But we know differently! Sometimes that forecast means a light mist with sun breaks, or the thrill of […]

We Have Been Made Welcome

There’s this salad I used to love to make for gatherings. It’s rad. I know because everyone told me so. People would email me for the recipe and I’d have to email them back like, “Look, I made it up out of my very own brain and so all my amounts are approximations, therefore I […]


Refinement. The word sounds lovely and even stately when used as the adjective refined. Even the presence of the word implies luxury. If it’s describing something you want to buy, it means you’re going to pay a higher cost. That is the defining piece to the process of refinement. It costs. Refinement could actually be […]

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