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Darkness and Light

Have you ever been so completely surrounded by darkness, real physical darkness, there was no difference between eyes open or closed?  And if your eyes were open, you felt them straining to adjust, trying so hard to find the slightest hint of outline that might suggest a shape, something solid, reachable by flailing arms, something […]

In Defiance of Januaries

He found me curled and weeping, my husband did, as he had found me the night before… and the night before… and the night before… through all that endless winter. House around me, a maelstrom of the unguided activity of two 10-month-olds and two 2½ yr olds — my precious children, yes… but my captors, […]

The Run: DOING

I am a dreamer.   I love window shopping.  When I do, it always goes far beyond simple admiration.  I like to touch, feel, smell.  I will shop until I have identified the absolute best bargain for the money.  Often, I will call friends, share my dream and purpose, and get their opinion.   However, […]

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