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The Quilt

Many years ago a young woman started a quilt for the baby she was expecting. It started with one small square, two inches on each side. Diligently she added one square at a time, each hand stitched to the next. However, when the baby girl arrived, life got overwhelming and she put the quilt aside […]

I Did a Strange Thing: Part Two

The half-naked young man before me lay stretched on a table, his lifeless limbs unnaturally awry. Long and lanky like many a twenty-year-old, his light-bronze skin, dark hair and angular facial features made him look the Arab that he was, while his clean-shaven face identified his Islam as moderate. He lay in Yemen, half a […]

I would be so good at being rich

I would be so good at being rich.  Truly, I would, if I were just given the chance.  And I don’t mean billionaire rich, that’s ridiculous.  Just a few million more than what I need to live on, reasonably comfortably of course, and the rest I would freely give away wherever there was need.  No, […]

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