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So You Wanna Come With Us?

“They tied his good arm inside his sleeve,” she told me, “and they tied the sleeve to his opposite shoe. And they left him like that, all day. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t eat. And the teacher never noticed. He was in second grade.” I closed my eyes and caught my breath at the image. […]

Mission: What, Where and How, Part 2

If mission is the what, context is the where. Considering the confusion we so often experience around clearly defining mission, it’s no wonder that identifying our mission context is so difficult. Our mission is to be disciples, who make disciples, for the glory of God.  That is true wherever we are.  But how do we […]

His Unnatural Response

I spend significant portions of my day pointing out the obvious: If you want your nose to stop bleeding, you have to stop poking your fingers up in there. Yesterday you screamed and broke all your crayons. That’s why all your crayons are so short today and nobody will share with you. When you hit […]

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