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We’ll Never Make It….

Today I watched those students turn and stare at my boy-most-precious. His cerebral palsy gait, his body’s strange angles drew their curiosity as we made our way down the halls of that huge high school — and I squared my shoulders and lifted my head. Special Education Director Meeting #1. High school transition. Till’s anxious […]

Memento Mori

There is an old saying that still floats around the cultural discourse; it often pops up in strange places like tattoos and English literature classes: Memento Mori.  It means, remember you are mortal. The idea behind this motto is to help focus on what is important by remembering you will die someday. It asks “In […]

Failing Retirement

“So you failed retirement?” The question was asked in jest and I laughed, but it made me think. I retired several years ago from a career that I felt God had designed for me. He had given me the skills and abilities that I used every day, developing and writing help systems, business practices, and […]

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