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Peter and Me

Matthew 14 The wind was howling. Rain pelted their faces like cast iron BB’s. His soaked cloths clung to his body, wrapping him in cold chill. He looked around the small 20 foot boat and all he could see was terror.  Ankle deep water sloshed around his ankles. The other men in the boat reflected […]

Mission Week 3 – FAT

When I mention “dodge-ball” what images come to mind?  I think most of us think of that terror, not of red rubber gym balls zinging by our heads, but rather the greatest terror a third grader could face: the picking of the teams!  At least for me, it seemed easier to just head to the nurse’s […]

Help Within the Chaos

I like things in order, working well and going as expected. I think most of us do. I guess that’s why it drives me crazy (I’m sure I am not alone here) when of all times and places to have an argument my wife and I always end up getting into it right as we […]

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