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A very ordinary morning or A morning touched by grace

Let’s take a quick look at my very ordinary Friday morning.  I wake up, shower, and get my boys up and off to school. Now to expand on these very bare details, let’s look at a scenario of how these events could oh, so easily have gone… Friday Morning Scenario 1 It’s time to get […]

The Last Thing I Wanted To Do

It was a cold, rainy morning and when I woke up, going to church was the last thing I wanted to do. It’s going to be so crowded . . . the message will be watered down . . . you’re just going to have to watch a bunch of baptisms of people you don’t […]

The One Thing It Takes

I sat with my grieving, ever-so-long-time friend. Her son, for whom I had watched her struggle and agonize over the years, had just been diagnosed with Autism. She knew my life, my family. At the moment, she specifically knew of my son, my precious Tillman, with cerebral palsy, autism, borderline mental impairment. She knew also […]

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